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Who is The Original Chamois Company?

The Original Chamois Company are tanners of high-quality chamois leather. Our factory is New Zealand's largest chamois cloth factory, dedicated to producing chamois leather.

Why should I purchase chamois leather from The Original Chamois Company?

As a large supplier of chamois internationally, buying direct from us means a significant difference in price. You can have high-quality chamois leather in your choice of sizes and quality, direct from the source!

If you'd like to know more about chamois and cleaning chamois leather, you can read about it on our frequently asked questions page, which describes what chamois is, and how you can use it. With nine generations experience of tanning and only the highest quality of raw materials and processing oil, we offer the highest quality chamois leather for your use.

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If you'd like to buy chamois leather online, you can right here at our Product Page.

Genuine Chamois Leather Products

Chamois is excellent for cleaning and protecting smart phone and computer displays.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your iPhone.
  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Android.
  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Windows Phone.
  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Blackberry.
  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your LCD or LED displays.

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