How to Prepare a Genuine Leather Chamois for Use?

What is Chamois?

  • Chamois is leather that is extremely soft, flexible, and absorbent.

Why use Chamois Leather?

  • Typically chamois leather is used to dry off surfaces after washing, due to the absorbency and softness of the leather.

  • Grime particles get drawn away from the cleaning surface.

  • The particles are held within the hollow fiber of the leather, eliminating abrasion.

Chamois is excellent for cleaning and protecting smartphone and computer displays.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your iPhone.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Android.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Windows Phone.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your Blackberry.

  • Use Chamois to clean and protect your LCD or LED displays.

Online Payment methods.

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  • Credit Card via 2Checkout.com.

  • PayPalTM - Depending on your chosen currency (USD for the most extensive options list), you may have the option to complete the online purchase routine using a debit or credit card or also PayPalTM account - Step 5, of the checkout procedure.

How do I clean and dry my car with a Chamois?

  • First wash your car as recommended by the manufacturer. Then use a Chamois to dry your car.

  • Rinse Chamois in water, wring out excess, repeat until water runs clean and clear.

  • The chamois needs to be damp, but not wet to work.

  • Remove the majority of water by sweeping the Chamois over the car, wring out excess water as you proceed.

  • Buff any remaining damp areas until dry, again wringing as necessary.

  • Clean and dry your Chamois.

How to care for my Chamois?

  • Give it a good rinse in lukewarm water with a mild non-alkali soap, or mild detergent.

  • Repeat rinse until water runs clear.

  • Squeeze/wring Chamois to remove excess water.

  • Gently stretch, and hang in an area protected from direct sunlight and intense heat.

  • Take care not to dry your chamois too much.

Why is my Chamois stiff?

  • Chamois leather gets stiff when it is too dry, and it will regain its softness with moisture or on wetting.

How does The Original Chamois Company make Chamois Leather?

  • High-quality New Zealand sheep and lamb skin are used to make our Chamois leather.

  • We split the hide into two pieces, the flesh and grain halves.

  • The flesh side we further process for Chamois and the outer part for other leather types.

  • The flesh side is Hot Drum Tanned in Genuine Cod Liver Oil and gives the skin the unique characteristics of Chamois Leather.

  • Chamois leather is then dry-cleaned to remove excess oil.

  • Final stages include buffing the leather with an abrasive wheel, removing any excess grain and fleshings.

Where can I find more information about Leather production processes?

How is Chamois Leather measured?

  • The area in square feet.

  • Chamois Leather is a natural product; sizes may vary slightly, depending on humidity and temperature.

  • We do not typically cut the chamois in a "square" shaped unless requested.

    • Please Note:

      • A 4.0 sq.ft chamois; if cut square, would measure 2.0 ft x 2.0 ft.

What if my order does not arrive?

  • Contact us at sales@chamois.co.nz

  • We will resend any order that fails to be delivered, within a reasonable amount of time.

What grade of Chamois is available online?

  • 100% Genuine cod liver oil-tanned chamois leather.

  • Premium Grade:

    • Finished both sides

    • Absent of holes

    • Medium-light thickness (1mm - 1.5mm)

    • Consistent color

    • No windows or thin patches

    • No grain patches

What is the shipping and handling charge on international orders?

  • Shipping for E-mail orders will be quoted, per order basis.

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Delivery is by New Zealand Par Avion International Airmail.

  • Delivery time is between 4 - 10 days.

  • Delivery Days exclude weekends and public holidays.

  • Delivery time for central cities.

  • Delivery to areas outside the main cities may take longer.

  • Note: Some orders are sent under multiple covers, depending on size and quantity of the sale.

What is Shammy Leather?

  • The correct spelling of Shammy Leather is Chamois Leather, which is a natural Cod-liver oil tanned Lamb and Sheepskin.

Is there any way to get my order quicker?

  • Yes, we can send you a custom payment request including an express delivery charge.

  • Express Air Mail can take up to 4 working days to arrive.

  • Rates are calculated based on the weight of the order.

    • A minimum shipping charge applies.

How safe is shopping online?

  • The Original Chamois Company is a certified seller of 2CheckOut.com.

  • Giving you the protection of the latest in browser security, a safe shopping guarantee, and personal privacy.

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